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Kublox Product Range FAQs:

Kudos Equilibria Ltd introduces the Kublox product range! ..... An exciting new venture enabling amateur & professional horse-owners alike to purchase a practical, safe & cost effective method of raising poles as part of their training, maintenance or rehabilitation regimes.

** What are Kublox Cavaletti & Pole-Raiser Products?
  • Kublox products are carefully designed to ergonomically raise poles to a specific height depending on the training program required. There are several products available:

    • Trot-Blox :- Designed to raise a standard 100mm (4") pole to ~200mm above ground level.

    • Pop-Blox :- Provides a number of height options depending on orientation; raising a standard 100mm (4") pole to either; ~208mm, 246mm, 368mm or 443mm above ground level, allowing you to tailor each exercise to individual horses.

  • Kublox products are manufactured from quality low density polyethylene foam. This all-weather material is rugged enough to survive out-door "country" life all-year round, has no sharp edges, is soft enough to ensure it can't cause injury to horses and won't "fracture" when knocked (..... as will some brittle alternatives that are commonly in use ie. children's potties, crates, sand-castle buckets).

  • Kublox products are lightweight, easily portable for use in clinics, lessons & demos, are available in a variety of colours and can easily be stored when not in use.

** Why should I use Kublox Cavaletti & Pole-Exercises for my horse?
  • Correctly performed pole-work can be beneficial to horses of all disciplines!!

    • Improves balance & proprioception (ie "hoof to brain" coordination)

    • Develops rhythm & energy

    • Promotes symmetrical movement patterns (which is fab during rehabilitation!)

    • Improves joint-health, flexibility and maintains range of motion

    • In conjunction with advice from a suitably qualified vet, physio or  trainer it can also be used to rehabilitate horses from injury or neurological conditions.

  • Progress Slowly! - Little & often is the key to success!! As the co-ordination & skill of the horse/ rider combination increases, raising of the poles increases the effort & accuracy required, further encouraging the horse to recruit core muscles & mobilise their backs.

  • Use different gaits to achieve different results! - With a little imagination & ingenuity it can be an excellent way of providing fun and variety to everyday routines either ridden, in-hand, lunged or long-reined and providing focus to prevent horses from becoming stale & bored. A few of the main benefits to be gain from each gait are listed below:

    • Walk Poles - can be raised all the way up to knee height if desired! (....if you can easily step over the obstacle in walk then so can your horse!!...) and as there is no moment of suspension in walk this requires the horse to stabilise their back, flex their joints and raise their legs through an increased range of motion.

    • Trot Poles - can be used to increase power, symmetry, core strength and flexion in the limb joints.

    • Canter Poles - excellent for developing core strength, encouraging back flexion & reducing stiffness (especially through the lumbar-sacral region).

** Kublox "Do's"!
  • Do introduce any new pole or cavaletti exercise slowly and at a low level of complexity.
  • Do advance the exercises only when you & your horse are confident. If at any point you run into problems, do decrease the complexity of the exercise and recruit suitable professional help with your training.
  • Do "little & often" and to see best results perform these exercises regularly.
  • Do ensure that at all time the horse is free to lower their head in order to focus on where to place the limbs, and allow them to raise their back & engage the abdominal muscles.
  • Do place poles closer together to encourage shortening & collection.
  • Do place poles further apart to develop a longer frame and encourage extension.
  • Do arrange the poles on a curve (in a fan-shape) so that you can vary the distance easily by riding on the inner or outer track.
  • Do store your Kublox products sensibly/ safely when not in use! See product pages for ideas on storage options! 
** Kublox "Don'ts"!
  • Do NOT use these products if you have any concern about the suitability of an exercise for your horse, or it has any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries. Consult an expert such a vet or physio, who can help construct a suitable exercise regime to allow you to safely, & confidently use Kublox products.
  • Do NOT continue the exercise if you run into problems! Decrease the complexity of the exercise and recruit suitable professional help with your training. Remember that confidence (both yours & the horses) as well as both your safety is key.
  • Do NOT leave your Kublox products out, unsecured, if there are strong winds forecast! These products by nature are low density (ie very light) and you may find they migrate in adverse weather conditions.
  • Do NOT forget that any equine activity by the very nature of the sport incorporates an element of risk. All Kublox products are supplied as mobile training obstacles and the onus is upon the person using them to ensure they do so in a suitable manner for the competency of each horse/ rider combination and every individual training situation.

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