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About Us

The Kublox product range of Cavaletti-Ends & Pole-Raisers is an exciting new venture enabling both amateur & professional horse-owners alike to purchase a practical, safe & cost effective method of raising poles as part of their training, maintenance or rehabilitation regime.

Kublox is a unique combination of over 20yrs experience in the horse industry and 20yrs in Engineering. These products are the "brainchild" of Katy Smith a professional engineer, also a passionate horsewoman,  who is a formally qualified ESMT, currently studying for a diploma in equine rehabilitation.

Katy explains that .......    "Frequently during workshops & CPD sessions; demonstrations would be provided endorsing the benefits of pole work exercises, nearly always incorporating raised poles. This was the light-bulb moment where the Horsewoman in me thought... "this is what's missing with my horses" .... and the Engineer in me thought "I can design / make something better than that to support the raised poles"        .......   and so Kublox was conceived & neither Katy nor her horses have looked back since!

Our fab Pop-Blox have proved to be just a little too popular! 😕 We’re currently out of stock but there’s a new batch en-route which should be with us SOON! If you’d like to pre-order or receive a “re-stock alert” notification then pls contact us. Otherwise do keep an eye on our social media channels which will be updated as soon as the new stock arrives!😃👍😘