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Best Raised Polework for lungeing

What's so special about KUBLOX® Cavaletti & Pole-Raisers? ...

Raise your game with KUBLOX® -  this exciting range of cavaletti & pole-raisers is a practical & cost effective way to safely raise poles. Whether you compete or simply ride for fun, this colourful range of cavaletti & pole-raisers is the perfect way to spice up your schooling sessions.  Versatile & hard wearing, KUBLOX® is the ultimate way to give your training a boost and add variety to your horses exercise regime.

KUBLOX® | Product Range

KUBLOX® products are split into three main categories: Cavaletti, Pole-Raisers & Pole-Stax. For more information please see the groupings below & visit our FAQs page.

Figure1: KUBLOX® Cavaletti - From left to right Pop-Blox, Pro-Blox(H) and Pro-Blox(V)

Figure2: KUBLOX® Pole-Raisers- From left to right Trot-Blox and Star-Blox

Figure3: KUBLOX® Pole-Stax